The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness

Prejudice does not work.

We've held back people in society becuase of their sex or their race.

We've sent Oscar Wilde and Alan Turing to the guillotine for their sexual preferences.

The Nazis said nothing good would ever come of Jews. Then Albert Einstein invented the nuclear bomb and blew them up. [citation needed]

But these are all wrong. Any person, regardless of race, sex, gender, orientation, religion, or class has the potential to become a person who contributes to society, a person who gives more than they take and makes the world much better for it. These are Good People, and being a Good Person is not correlated at all with any of those attributes.

However, just because anyone can be a Good Person doesn't mean that everyone is a Good Person. A person is just as likely, if not more likely, to be a Bad Person.

We really don't know that much about Bad People since most of them swiftly fall through the cracks, die, and are forgotten about.

Not to say that this doesn't happen to potential Good People too. The only real human right is the right to try. If you try, and you're a Good Person, you can do anything. Some people are denied the right to try though. If a potential Good Person isn't able to try to be a Good Person, then that's sad. It's a waste of potential that could have benifited all mankind.

Howeer, if a person who is given the chance to try squanders that chance, then they are the worst of the worst. They have something that not everyone in this world is given, and they let it all go to waste.

I don't really remember where I'm going with this.


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