More Logic

Consider a number of entities.

Each entity can be associated with the X or Y trait, or rarely, both or neither. Each entity can also be associated with a number of integers.

Here are some entities:

Assume that most entities look like Alpha and Beta. We can form two classes from these entities, A and B. A has X and odd numbers, while B has Y and even numbers. Alpha and Beta are easy to categorize into classes A and B. We can also see from Alpha and Beta (and the unknown examples like them) that A and B are likely mutually exclusive. However, to categorize the other four entities is tricky.

As you can see, problems arise.

Maybe A and B aren't just labels, but two ends of a spectrum? We can create a spectrum of A to B and put every entity in a place on it.

Maybe A and B are two axes of a chart, and entities have differing amounts of A-ness and B-ness?

Maybe we should create a third class, C, for anything that doesn't fit neatly into A or B?

Maybe we should restrict the definition of A and B to the presence of X and Y, and ignore the integers? Or maybe restirct the definition to the integers and ignore X and Y?

Or maybe, just maybe, we can agree that the class definitions of A and B don't work, and there's no way we can make them work, and we should just judge entites for their traits and integers on their own?

Nah, that's a silly idea.