Genesis of Slider

My friend Kelvin recently went over some ideas of game design in one of his videos and I say it's a good watch. Watching it has made me think about my own history of game design, which I will now go into detail of.

When I was young I was always doodling level designs in my notebooks. The two main games were an untitled Zelda-style dungeon crawler, and a puzzle-platformer called Cloud Climber. Cloud Climber's objective was to get to the door at the end of the level, by picking up and using various items that would create or destroy platforms with different properites.

Nowadays, I've made two games I've published and like: Colors, and Slider. The latter is what this blog post is about.

Slider was originally conceptualized using LEGO bricks. A green baseplate served as the playfield, and the barrels were repersented with two 2x2 round bricks stacked on top of each other, hence the origin of the name. This incarnation of Slider had features that never made it into a digital version, most notibly 3d fields. Imagine how hard that would be for me, a novice, to implement!

I was learning Visual Basic .NET at the time and figured I'd implement the game I'd designed and loved in it. After the first attempt was a failure, the second attempt, known as Slider2, worked. This is completely unrelated to both the Slider game originally released and the sequel in development. I still have the code from it, but sadly, no level data survived the years.

Later, I decided to rewrite the game in C#. Years of labor later, Slider was released! Sadly, since I chose to release it on April 1, it received lukewarm reception.

I learned a whole lot working on Slider, and started some other ambitious projects that ended in failure. Slider happened to be right on the cusp of what I can do, however, and it kept on through the years.

However, as Kelvin said, I'd probably be best fit for making many small games vs trying large games. Maybe I'll get to that after finally finishing the sequal to Slider. ;)

I do have my one dream game I'll probably never be able to properly do. I won't say much about it, other than that it's a puzzle game inspired by Star Wars: Pit Droids, not that anyone has ever heard of that.

For now, keep watching for more info regarding Slider 2!